skai® Design Lab

skai® Design Lab

Individual designs. Exact color matching. Get creative!

With the new skai® Design Lab, you can create your own digital print designs on one of our high-quality upholstery fabrics – to match your project. In the online configurator you can choose from a catalogue of several thousand designs, define the material quality and embossing and adjust the colour or repeat.

The configurator enables an easy and fast way to individual designs. And there are no costs for our customers, neither for the registration, nor for the use or for the services such as sample orders.

Individual digital printing in a new dimension

The designs can be individually designed and adapted in terms of colour, size and pattern repeat with just a few clicks, thus creating endless design possibilities for interior designers, designers and object outfitters. The selected designs are digitally printed on two different material qualities. There are three grain options for embossing: from the fine sand structure to the typical textile structure to the classic leather grain.

skai® Pandoria Base

Substrate: approx. 85% PVC-Compound, approx. 12% BW/PES knit, approx. 3% PVC-PU finish





Material quality

In the skai® Design Lab, the selected designs are digitally printed on two different basic products:

The high-quality upholstery fabrics
skai® Pandoria Base and
skai® Toledo EN Base are available.

skai® Toledo EN Base

Substrate: approx. 84% PVC-Compound, approx. 16% PES knit



Three structures can be selected for embossing:
From the fine SAND to the typical TEXTILE to the classic LEATHER structure. 

Design: SAND

Embossing: PANDORIA

Embossing roller: M272

Design: TEXTIL

Embossing: PANAMA

Embossing roller: M358

Design: LEDER

Embossing: SORRENTO

Embossing roller: M403

Free sample printing

Within 3 to 5 working days you will receive a free, digitally printed A3 sample with your own design on the selected substrate. This ensures that colour and scale will always meet your expectations.


Color Kit

The color sample set in the skai® Design Lab offers a variety of possible colors. With the Color Kit you also receive samples of the available material qualities and embossings on which we print.

Exact color matching

In order to achieve a colour match that is as uniform as possible, we work in LAB colour mode, as this is device-independent and offers an extensive colour scale. This results in lively designs with rich colours.


Please contact our customer service to request your personal access data. Then you will soon be able to discover the full variety of the skai® Design Lab.

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