Folder skai Samua

Folder skai® Samua

High-quality skai® material with a trendy, realistic cowhide look with typical spot markings. The matte finish, combined with the fur-like, delicate surface structure, results in a particularly pleasing and convincing feel. This material draws attention to individual pieces.
skai Samua black & white
black & white
skai Samua choco & cream
choco & cream
Folder skai Samua
Collection Samua
Thickness 1.5 mm
Width 1500 mm
Roll length 30 m
Coating approx. 66% PVC-compound
Backing ca. 33% CO-fabric
Paint ca. 1% PU-finish
Application indoor
Material Vinyl
Field of application Hospitality, Retail, Residential
Flame protection EN1021-1, EN1021-2, BS5852-IS 0, BS5852-IS 1, Classe Uno IM, IMO FTPC 8 (intern assurance), MVSS302
Material properties fulfills REACh requirements, easy-to-clean, normal resist to abrasion, lightfast
Martindale 25.000 Martindale
Silvia Baumann
Product Management